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Hinged Doors

Where versatility and flexibility are needed, hinged doors by cool it are the first choice. Whether used for chill, freezer or utility rooms cool it hinged doors are a convincing solution with their high-grade material, high-quality workmanship and wide range of options. After all, every cool it hinged door embodies 20 years of competence and targeted innovation. And it's impressive to note that every day cool it produces more than 80 custom-made hinged doors for a variety of applications. At competitive prices.

Hinged doors for chill and freezer rooms the reliable room closure system

Cool it hinged doors for chill and freezer rooms are designed specifically for long-term use in all temperature-controlled production and storage zones even under extreme conditions. Proven designs and high-grade materials make it easy to meet the most stringent hygiene requirements. With their outstanding insulating properties and reliable room closure system, cool it hinged doors are suitable for chill and freezer rooms as dependable links within the entire process chain. Interesting features such as rising hinges and self-regulating frame heaters underline their cool it quality.

Hinged doors for utility rooms convincing in function and design

Even in areas where there is no call for chilling and freezing, cool it offers functional hinged doors for a high-quality room closure system. For laboratories, dry material stores, amenity rooms or offices, for example. cool it hinged doors for utility rooms look good, have excellent hygienic properties and are very robust, making them suitable for universal use. In the interests of a consistent, high-quality look for the entire business, cool it hinged doors for utility rooms are available with the same size, colour and surface options as for chill and freezer room doors.


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