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Rapid Roll Doors

The cool it-Rollmaster is the ideal rapid roll door for the food-processing industry. With its outstanding resilience, an extremely hygienic and innovative construction optimized for cleaning and an impressive opening/closing speed of up to 1,5 meters per second respectively 0,5 meters per second, it is the perfect completion of our product range.

Innovative construction excellent materials
The waiving of transmission and ball bearings as well as the use of food-safe, maintenance-free and chemical-resistant materials are particular refinements of the Rollmaster rapid roll door. They grant a maximum of resilience and longevity and the highest stress-bearing capacity in regard to detergents and corrosion.

Optimized cleaning perfect hygiene
The sophisticated design of the cool it-Rollmaster with its hinged lateral guides, an opening shaft cladding and internal cabling allows effective cleaning without any inaccessible areas. Sloping surfaces ensure a superb draining capacity by preventing any accumulation of contaminants. Moreover, the lower shaft cladding serves as a channel which removes all dripping water. Thus, the cool it-Rollmaster offers simply extraordinary hygienic properties and that makes it the first choice for the food-processing industry.

Standard safety easy handling
The cool it-Rollmaster guarantees personnel safety as a standard. It has an infrared light grid system, a non-contact protective system, that provides security up to a hight of 250 cm. The maintenance-free light grid needs no further power supply, thus granting a continuous operational safety. It is possible to open the Roolmaster manually with an emergency lever. The handling of the cool it-Rollmaster is absolutely uncomplicated. It is carried out by the use of a membrane keypad, which is mounted flush in the right side flap. Naturally, the cool it-Rollmaster can be combined with other cool it-sliding doors directly if required, a soffit covering will be delivered as standard equipment. Accordingly, no further adjustments will become necessary.


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